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We will follow NFHS rules with the exception of any specific rules stated here.


Only BPF 1.15 stamped bats, BB-COR bats, USA bats, and wood bats are legal for game play for players in 11u & 12u age groups. Players in the 13u and 14u (90/60) will be required to use -3 BBCOR or Wood size bats.

Any violation of this rule will result in the batter with the illegal bat being called out and the head coach to be ejected for that game. Any bat questions are up to tournament director discretion.


Home/visitor for pool play will be determined by a coin-flip before the game. Home team will keep the official scorebook. Higher seed has the option (choice) of home/visitor in the elimination rounds.


No warm-ups on the infields. All pre-game warm-ups will need to be made in the outfield grass. No soft tossing into fences. Team should be ready 30 minutes prior to game time.


There are no protests allowed. Coaches have the right, at any time, to call a Director to a field for a rule’s interpretation (Director Call). This does not include JUDGMENT CALLS made by the umpires. This action is to be taken in lieu of protests. In order to properly handle each Director Call, play must be stopped, and the Director must be called BEFORE the next pitch. Game time rules still apply during dispute (the clock does not stop). If the disputed call involves the last play of the game, the protesting team must appeal before the umpires leave the confines of the field.


Coaches have the option of batting their entire lineup (every active, rostered player) with free defensive substitutions or batting according to MLB American League rules. If a player is ejected and a team has no substitutes, their future at-bats will result in an automatic out.


Teams may use a DH for any position player in the line-up.


Re-entry rule (if not batting entire lineup): Starters may re-enter in the same offensive spot once. Substitutes cannot re-enter the game once they have been removed.


When a team chooses to bat the entire lineup, if a player is injured during the game, their spot in the lineup is skipped with no penalty. Once the spot in the lineup is skipped due to an injury or illness, that player is not eligible to return to the game in any capacity. Game time rules still apply during injury (the clock does not stop) unless injury is severe and at the director’s discretion.


When issuing an intentional walk, it is not necessary to throw a pitch. Decision can simply be communicated with the umpire and the base awarded.


Courtesy runner for the pitcher and catcher allowed at any time. If substitutions exist, the courtesy runner must be a sub. If not, the courtesy runner must be the player who made the last batted out.


Once a pitcher has been removed from the pitching position, he cannot re-enter as the pitcher.


Balks will follow live balk NFHS (National Federation of State High School) rules. The 3rd to 1st move is allowed at all ages. However, warnings will be given prior to any penalty as follows: One warning per PITCHER, per game before penalty | 11u-12u / 13u-15u: NO Warnings.


Any player/coach ejected for the game, must leave the field/dugout area for the remainder of that game. A Second Ejection by same player/coach will result in a meeting with the Tournament Director. Tournament Director will have the option at that point to disqualify player/coach from the remainder of the event dependent on meeting and Tournament Director’s judgment. At a minimum, that player/coach will be suspended their next scheduled game


Must slide/avoid contact. A player must slide or attempt to avoid contact on all close plays (umpire discretion). If, in an umpire’s judgment, there is intentional contact, that umpire may call the runner out on that play. If the contact is judged as intentional and malicious, that umpire may also eject the player from the game.


Ages 11U through 12U play 6 innings for a complete, regulation game. Ages 13U-15U play 7 innings for a complete, regulation game.


Teams will play complete games.

In case of weather issues tournament director can set a time limit if needed to get all pool play games in for teams. Game only because of weather would have a time limit that includes finish the inning.

POOL PLAY: If a game is tied after a completed 6 innings 11U/12U OR 7 INNINGS 13U-15U, one extra inning will be played. If the game is tied after the extra inning, then the game will conclude in a tie.

ELIMINATION PLAY: No games will end in a tie. Must play until winner is determined.

CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: There is no time limit.


A Run rule will be enforced for all games, including both pool play and elimination games. The run rule shall be 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings or 8 runs after 5 innings. If the home team is behind at the point of the defined run rule, they will still get their last at-bat. If the home team is ahead by the run rule they will not bat in the bottom-half of that respective inning. For example, if the home team is already ahead by 10 runs after 3 1/2 innings, they will not bat in the bottom half of the 4th inning and the game will be official.


Age, as of April 30, 2021, is the determining factor for the team’s age division. Take the oldest player on your team, determine that players age as of April 30, 2021, and that is the age division your team will be required to play in.


A team can start with just 8 players ONLY if all other rostered players are injured, sick or otherwise incapacitated. That team will be allowed to bat only 8 with no penalty. If the number of players dips below 8, then an automatic out shall be recorded for those spots in the lineup less than 8.


The dropped third strike rule will apply to all age groups.


The infield fly rule will apply to all age groups.


A slash bunt (aka “butcher boy”) The player will be called out immediately if the play is attempted. A slash bunt is defined as a player showing bunt at any time during the pitch and then swinging at that same pitch. This is a legal play for ages 11U through 15U.


Each coach is allowed 1 free mound visit per pitcher. The second mound visit must result in a pitching change regardless of which inning the original visit occurred. Injury-related visits do not count as a mound visit.

Tournament Age Group Dimensions

11u, 12u- 50ft mound, 70ft bases

13u, 14u 15u - 60ft mound, 90ft bases


1. Head to head (If more than 2 teams tied all must have played each other or we use 2nd tiebreaker)

2. Total runs given up in all pool play games. Low number higher seed

3. Coin flip by tournament director


Although we try to work with all teams that enter our events, it is important to understand the problems that are created when a team registers for an event and then does not follow through with their commitment to participate. When you enter a tournament, we make a commitment to you – we expect the same type of commitment in return. These instances not only affect our organization, but every other organization that has made a commitment to play. Therefore, the following Cancellation Policy is in effect:

All cancellations must be received in writing via email, or regular mail. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted.

Teams that cancel out of an event more than 30 days prior to the start of the event, will be issued a credit of ½ of the entry fee minus festival administrative fee. The credit can be used within 12 months for another festival that the team is not currently registered for.

Inside 30 days, there will be a $1200 administrative fee charged, and any credit will be at the sole discretion of the tournament director.

Once a festival is full and “closed,” or a game schedule has been distributed, absolutely no credit will be given. At the sole discretion of the tournament director, a credit may be offered, which can be used for another Homerun tournament during the current year, provided the other tournament is not full and a schedule has not yet been distributed.

If it is necessary to suspend a tournament, after you have played your first game, due to weather or some other unforeseen event, there is no credit.

In case of a festival being cancelled because of covid-19 or any nature disaster teams will be refunded 75% and a credit of 25% for a future festival and or tournament


Homerun Softball and Baseball is partnered with TEAMINN powered by Stack Sports, to coordinate the athlete housing for their 2020 events. TEAMINN’s world-class customer service center will provide the welcome and support that Homerun expects for their event participants and hotel partners for their 2020 events. See our hotels page to book reservations.

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